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Silicone Bowl & Lid Set

Silicone Bowl & Lid Set

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Are you struggling to find a durable, throw-free, and plastic-free food bowl for your little one(s)? Oh boy, do we have the product for you! Introducing our Silicone Suction Bowl + Lid!

We were all messy little eaters who would cause a fun scenario for our parent(s) to clean up afterwards. Not for your little eaters though! The suction on the bottom of the food bowl makes it impossible for their little hands to toss it around, so you, my fellow parent, don’t have to worry too much about a messy situation.

PS… these are perfect for travelling! Plane, train, boat, submarine, you name it!

Additional Information

  • 100% Baby Safe (Non-Toxic Material)
  • BPA Free
  • Microwave Safe
  • Oven Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Freezer Safe (Down To -20c)
  • 2 Divided Sections
  • Non-Slip Base

Item Size Chart




Midnight Blue

23 x 19cm (9 x 7.5”)

24 fl oz. (700mL)

Paradise Rose

23 x 19cm (9 x 7.5”)

24 fl oz. (700mL)

Bamboo Green

23 x 19cm (9 x 7.5”)

24 fl oz. (700mL)

White Dream

23 x 19cm (9 x 7.5”)

24 fl oz. (700mL)


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