Being a mom automatically changes our lifestyles. If you pair that with having lived through a pandemic, family struggles, personal and work stress, they could all come together and make us feel emotionally drained.


This is why today more than ever taking care of our health and well-being is of great importance at all levels, physical, mental, and emotional.


There are several tools we can access to improve emotional health and one of them is by channeling positive affirmations. The power that words have on our everyday life and emotions is incredible. There are words that can heal, magnify, and make us shine while others can turn us off and make us feel like quitting. 


We want you to feel good, we care about your well-being and that you can be as fulfilled as possible every day. That is why we've gathered a list of 30 positive affirmations to make your days brighter and happier.


You can write them on sticky notes on your personal spaces, on the notes app in your phone for on-the-go encouragement, or you can simply memorize your favorites and recite them in times of uncertainty.



Let us know in the comments which one resonates with you the most.


1. I am growing, therefore I am going at my own pace.


2. I am held and supported by those who love me.


3. I am in charge of how I feel and I choose to feel happy.


4. I am listening and open to the messages the universe has to offer today.


5. I am loved and worthy.


6. I am more than my circumstances dictate.


7. I am open to healing.


8. I am optimistic because today is a new day.


9. I can control how I respond to things that are confronting.


10. I can hold two opposing feelings at once, it means I am processing.


11. I celebrate the good qualities in others and myself.


12. I deserve an affirming touch on my own terms.


13. I deserve information and I deserve moments of silence, too.


14. I deserve self-respect and a clean space.


15. I do all things in love.


16. I can hold two opposing feelings at once, it means I am processing.


17. I hold community for others, and am held in community by others.


18. I hold wisdom beyond knowledge.


19. I invite abundance and a generous heart.


20. I invite art and music into my life.


21. I leave room in my life for spontaneity.


22. I let go of the things that sit achingly out of reach.


23. I look forward to tomorrow and the opportunities that await me.


24. I love that I love what I love.


25. I make decisions based on a good gut, I make changes based on a growing heart.


26. I make time to experience grief and sadness when necessary.


27. I nourish myself with kind words and joyful foods.


28. I welcome the wisdom that comes with growing older.


29. I practice gratitude for all that I have, and all that is yet to come.


30. I release the fears that do not serve me.


With love, the ebo team. ♡


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