Father's Day is a special date to honour the efforts and dedication that dad gives to his children and family. That infinite love that he will always share with those he loves the most.

To do so, we have created a list of activities that you can do with dad.


Let's get started...


Cooking as a family

Gathering everyone in the kitchen and taking advantage of preparing Dad's favorite dishes as a family is always a lot of fun, try to assign each family member with a task so the full meal can be prepared as a group activity.

Classic games

An excellent option to have fun and play. Enjoying board games as a family such as: Cards, Ludo, Monopoly and more, this will be a fantastic activity on his day.

Family Karaoke

It’s so much fun to listen to kids or mom sing daddy's favorite songs, or grandpa's classics. Find a wide selection of videos for Karaoke and sing alongs on YouTube.

Video calls

Communicating with all the dads in the family is also important on this day. Coordinate a video call with the whole family that he misses and show him a heartfelt good time.

Look at photo albums

Looking at old photos and seeing how the family has grown causes nostalgia and brings back many memories. Take advantage of this special day to take out the oldest albums from home or computer and create a slideshow to go through after dinner.

Movie night

To close the day, what better than daddy's or grandpa's favorite movie to watch as a family. Make some popcorn and serve him his favourite treats.


We hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day, share in the comments how you plan on spending his day, perhaps enjoy the great outdoors? 



The ebo team.