Shine Bright

Dressing children in bright coloured clothes can help ease your mind from easily locating them among the fun (chaos) this summer! Swimwear that doesn’t camouflage in pool water also helps noticing a child in distress while swimming.


First Aid Kit

Carry a mini first aid kit with you no matter how small your outing may be. A trip to the park can be cut short when discomfort from a small scrape causes emotions to run high. A simple band-aid can be the difference between setting the tone for a good rest of the day or missing out on expending that pent up energy from the littles.


Stay Hydrated 

Have electrolyte pops frozen and ready to enjoy on those extraneous hot days of hikes and water park excursions. Although not intended for everyday use, electrolyte pops are good to reserve only for when your child has sweat a lot such as during the heatwave our region recently experienced or when they are sick.


Make Some Noise

Protect your cubs Mama bear! Bear bells that clip onto clothing warn bears (and other wildlife) that you are near which can prevent a startled encounter from wildlife while enjoying your local trails. Enjoy the trails responsibly among our wilderness friends who too enjoy their home.


Memorize the Number

You may know Jenny’s number, 867-5309 but do your children know your number in case they are separated from you? A fun way to practice is by placing numbered paper plates on a wall that resemble a keypad. Children can recite a phone number out loud while touching the plates in a repetitive motion.

Got more tips for a safe Summer you would like to share? Type them in the comments below to continue the conversation! xoxo