It’s that time of life when toddlerhood has taken over. Here are a few tips on how to survive one day at a time in case you are finding it a bit overwhelming.⁠

  1. Saying yes to yourself means saying no to the rest of the world. Deciding on what’s important for the family is key for this stage. Commitments and schedules are great but sometimes freedom of time is also very important; it allows us to accept what the day brings because this age is naturally filled with randomness and unpredictable events; why not flow instead of forcing things to happen? ⁠

  1. Recognizing that two caregivers are not enough for the complex task of caring for, educating, and loving a child. In the case of us mothers, in a period as important as gaining our strength back from giving birth (in some cases a women’s body will take over 4 years to replenish completely) in addition to seeking support from her partner and family, it could also help to stay in touch with other moms in the same situation and figure out ways to create a village of caregivers that can help one another. ⁠

  1. Take care of yourself and respect your peace of mind during the process. It is necessary to be patient because we don’t need the extra stress of disappointment. It is healthier to demand performance equal to their age and not equivalent to the behaviour of an adult because it will simply never happen.⁠

  1. Set one goal for the day if you feel you need more structure. So total freedom of time isn’t your thing. Then how about establishing one goal instead of many. Today’s goal can be to spend more time together, or to learn how to make cookies. It can also be a day to relax. It could be the perfect day to ride bikes or fly kites. Setting a clear goal clears the path and makes the day way easier by helping us feel accomplished. And hey, if things don’t go as planned, it is also totally fine! Enjoy your playful, random, filled with energy toddler, they won’t stay this way forever. ⁠

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